About The Artist

Tony St. Romaine

 After working for the City of Columbia for thirty-two years and retiring as a City of Columbia Deputy City Manager in December 2016, I finally had the time to focus my energies on creating art.  Impressionism and post-impressionism have always been my favorite genres, especially new masters like Peter Max and Leonid Afremov 

Collecting Original Art

Using only a palette knife, my goal is to take the viewer on a journey ranging from urban city scenes to nature trails, and to draw them into a comfortable and familiar world of light, vibrant color and texture, with the hope of evoking memorable personal experiences from times past.

Making Art Affordable

As an avid art collector, I know that owning original paintings can often be very expensive. You can always settle for a lithograph or serigraph, but print mediums cannot capture the texture, brush strokes and knife marks of an original oil painting.  My goal is to make my original art affordable so everyone can enjoy it.